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July 22, 2016

9 Tips To Ensure The Best Breakfast In Bed

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The best breakfast in bed has less to do with the food than the love that’s behind the gesture. With these nine tips, it won’t matter if you’re serving ricotta strawberry French toast, or peanut butter toast. Your loved one will feel showered with appreciation.

Be Prepared: 

You don’t want to be exhausted before the meal is over, when the fun has only just begun. Prepare whatever you can the night before. Whether it’s chopping ingredients for an omelet or assembling materials you’ll need, a tray, special plates or silverware, or cloth napkins that you don’t ordinarily have out.

Make It A Surprise: 

You’ll still want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your feast, and that means getting out of bed early. If you happen to share your bed with the guest of honor, be ready with an excuse as to why you’re getting up that doesn’t involve making breakfast in bed. “Go back to sleep. I’m just going to…”

Be All About The Love: 

Add a splash of red or heart shapes to your meal. Whether it’s a splash of raspberry jam or red napkins, a red rose, or heart-shaped waffles (yes, you can buy a heart-shaped waffle maker), this will give your meal the emphasis on love that you want to convey. This is true whether your special someone is a parent or a partner.

It’s All In The Details: 

That peanut butter toast will look divine if you put it on a decorative plate, add some fine silverware and finish it off with flowers and a crisply folded napkin. Make sure there is cream and sugar for the coffee, salt and pepper, ketchup…whatever accompaniment is needed for your meal. Make sure there’s no reason you or your loved one will need to get out of bed once the meal commences.

Bountifully Healthy: 

There are so many options to choose from in terms of the breakfast menu, but you might consider offering up the gift of health. Create a rich, palate-pleasing breakfast that shows you care about your loved one’s health with fruit smoothies, granola, and a deluxe vegetarian omelet.

Get Your Thinking Cap On:

Hide a gift within your gift. Maybe it’s a poem that expresses your feelings. Or perhaps it’s tickets to the opera. Or even a “free babysitting” pass. Find a way to conceal the item so it will be found during the meal, just when they think the fabulous meal is the fabulous gift. You’ll wow them.

It Doesn’t Have To Be On You:

Slip out of bed and pop over to your loved one’s favorite bakery or diner, and pick up a meal you know they’ll love. Present it elegantly, and it says “love” just as loudly as that quiche you would’ve spent two hours making.

Don’t Get Kicked Out Of Bed: 

Nobody wants crumbs in their bed. If you don't have a breakfast-in- bed tray, be sure to fold a table cloth in half and lay it down on the bed under your meal. Make use of baskets for muffins and fruit, and be sure the plates are amply sized. A nightstand is a must for holding beverages and condiments, and of course you’ll want a wastebasket nearby for discarded items like the morning paper or banana peels. If you don’t have bedside tables, grab a chair.

Tidy Up: 

A dirty kitchen is no gift at all. If you made breakfast, the job isn’t done until the counters are clean and all the dishes are put away. You established a trend of being thoughtful; now keep that alive throughout the day.



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