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November 18, 2016

How to decorate your guest bedroom

Guest bedroom - Simple bedding for perfect relaxation

The Well-Appointed Guest Bedroom

“Not all who wander are lost.” -  J.R. Tolkien

For many of us who love to travel, the road has, on occasion, offered us the deep sleep of childhood. Other times, not so much. As part of the Syona Home community, we know that offering your guests a deep and relaxing sleep is important to you. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for creating a room that cradles your guest in a beautiful night’s sleep.

1. Make Up A Perfectly Prepared Bed

We listed the bed first because it’s what matters most to your guest. Even if it’s a pullout sofa, you can ensure their comfort if you start with cool, organic linen sheets, finished with a down comforter. This simple style can accommodate even the most extreme temperature fluctuations, and that’s key to a restful sleep.

Choose neutral colors for your linens – proven to promote deep, healthy sleep – and top off with colorful throw pillows.

2. Add A Touch of Light

This is two-fold, for décor and practicality. It’s essential to have access to a bedside lamp; no one wants to march to and from a wall switch before settling in to sleep. Furthermore, overhead lights aren’t terribly comfortable for nighttime reading, particularly if you’ve more than one guest. If you’re short on space, a wall sconce is an excellent choice, or you might consider string lights. String lighting adds warmth and charm to any room, and in the bedroom could be the perfect solution to the overhead light dilemma for small spaces.

3. Stock It

Be sure the essentials are stocked. This means tissues on the bedside table, fresh towels, soaps, and a fully loaded toilet paper roll. If there’s a vase in the room, add some fresh flowers. And finally, it’s a nice touch to add a bowl with fruit and leave it on the dresser. Often when we travel our internal clocks go haywire, and no one wants to stumble around in search of a midnight snack.

4. Create Space

Your fully stocked guest areas still needs empty spaces. We’ve all gone to someone’s home, looking forward to unpacking, only to discover the drawers and closets are stuffed to the brim. If you can’t do without these items, consider buying some storage bins that go underneath the bed and transferring items there. If you already have such storage, may we suggest The Life Changing

Magic of Tidying, by Marie Kondo? This is in keeping with our quality sleep mission. The less cluttered your home, the less stressed you’ll feel, and the less stress you feel, the better you sleep.

5. Details Help

It’s true; it’s the little things that count. Things your guest might not think to ask for, and probably won’t thank you for, but will notice if they’re not in place. For instance, be sure there’s a mirror in guest room, especially if you’re sharing a bathroom. Leave a glass on the bedside table, and put it on a coaster so that guests don’t have to worry about leaving water rings (better yet, get a glass top for the nightstand so there’s no worry). And finally, put a spare phone charger in the room so your guests don’t have to go looking for the outlet.


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