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May 10, 2017

Syona Home showcases Organic Bedding at OTA event in NYC

Syona Home, along with 24 other amazing organic fiber brands joined a pop-up event in NYC during May 4-6 weekend. With a theme of "Live Organic from Farm to Home", the event was organized by OTA to bring awareness to organic farming and connect organic businesses and brands focusing on farm to marketplace.

While eating organic food is considered healthier, what you put ON your body is equally important and organic textiles is healthier for you and the environment.

Syona Home - Organic Bedding Pop-Up

During short 3 minute vignette of telling its story, Syona Home emphasized all along the fact that it makes economic sense to purchase organic apparel and bedding. Organic cotton bedding is soft, free from toxic chemical residues and last longer. You end up buying less often than cheaper conventional cotton bedding and it costs less in the long run.

Syona Home's commitment:

  • Sustainable farming practices makes the life of farmers financially richer, healthier and coming from a farming background, we are very committed to improving quality of life of farmers.
  • Our manufacturing involves GOTS certified processing to assure that our products have minimal impact on the environment and people.
  • We partnered with Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade Certified™, a product certification program that works with farms and factories around the world to improve wages, benefits and conditions for workers. Our bedding is from Fair Trade Certified™ cotton and Fair Trade Certified™ factory.
  • We commit 15% of out profit for providing clean drinking water and education and health improvement of women and children in rural Asia. 
  • We are committed to transparency of the supply chain and engage in direct-to-consumer model to make luxurious bedding affordable.

Live Organic - From Farm to Home

"OTA and the Organic Fiber Council are thrilled to be telling the story of organic fiber and textiles, and to be showing the public in such a fun and engaging way why it truly makes a difference when you choose organic in every part of your life. And we're honored to be working with these industry pioneers – they're creating a healthier world for all of us," said Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for OTA and staff coordinator for the Organic Fiber Council. 

"Better Sheets, Better Sleep, Better Lives"


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