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March 05, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Better Bed

The ultimate guide to making better bed

Ever spend a night at a hotel and wonder why your home bed doesn’t feel as heavenly comfortable? That’s probably because your worn-out linens and droopy mattress aren’t doing you any favors.

As you move along, you may also realize that your bedding have seen better days and it is time they made into some great drop clothes! Building your own perfect bed of your sweetest dreams is a fun and easy process, if you know the right secrets. Here is an ultimate guide to make your bed the most comfortable place on earth:


A good night’s sleep and sweet dreams start with a comfortable mattress. If your existing mattress is older than six years, it likely needs to be replaced. When shopping for a mattress, keep in mind its material, firmness and overall comfort level.Start with the review sites like to to get what users and non-marketers saying, instead of shopping and trying out many mattresses as you can to find the perfect one. If you are looking for an innerspring mattress, don’t solely rely on coil count as an indicator of quality. Instead, go for the firmness and avoid fragile edges that will not prove as durable as you want.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the mattress size that your bedroom is capable of supporting. You may have a king sized bed but your doorway might not allow your desires. It is suggested that you try out different mattresses from suppliers that offer a return policy so you can always return it if you don’t love it.

Mattress Topper

If your mattress topper is a thin cover or sheet, you are surely missing a whole new level of luxury. You can always customize your mattress topper. Feathery beds provide a firm mattress with a plush factor. Other mattress topper types include pads that are made to fend off odors and allergens and performance-fabric models made to cool down hot sleepers.


You should invest in a pillow that aligns the spine and neck, so the right pillow will depend on how you actually sleep. Side sleepers will need firmer support, stomach sleepers need soft support, and back sleepers will need medium support. If you switch positions throughout the night, you may have to test a few models before choosing one. 

choose the right pillow

Browse the different types of pillow to find the perfect combination of softness and thickness that will keep your neck and spine in a neutral position. For maximum comfort and better health of your hair, invest in silk pillowcases that will make your sleeping experience the softest. Body pillows are a great way to maximize your comfort level and act as ideal snuggle buddies. Another important tip is to invest in essential oils and spritz some on your pillows for a deep, relaxing beauty sleep. Lastly, make sure to replace your old pillows with new ones roughly every two years.


Invest in some good quality bed sheets and make it a point to always keep them clean, just like the hotels do. Decide what texture you prefer. Do you like slick sheets, t-shirt feel like sheets or organic cotton sheets? If you like the feel of cotton, invest in organic cotton.

Corda 100% organic cotton sheets

It’s not always thread count that matters. While thread count has long been advertised to determine how soft or coarse, how luxurious or cheap a sheet is, it’s definitely not the end all be all. Thread count in the range of 300 to 400 is ideal. Anything higher is not going to make a difference.

Although cotton blends don’t wrinkle, 100% organic cotton sheets are a better choice since they are more breathable. And when it comes to making the bed, the secret ingredient is an extra middle sheet (between the top and bottom sheets). Adding an extra layer is better as it allows people to manage their body temperature. Top off the sheet or blanket with a duvet or comforter. Consider buying hypoallergenic bedding if you are allergic to dust mites as a blocked nose can disturb your good night’s sleep, on top of all the effort you put in to making a better bed.


Once you have a protected comfortable mattress, it is time to get some cushions! Although the mattress provides decent support, the cushions will provide more comfort. So, think about stacking a featherbed, memory foam mattress topper, or a few eggshell mattress toppers on your bed for the exclusive hotel bed comfort. Cover the last cushion with extra cushion with the help of a soft and thick mattress pad. Choose your mattress pad based on the number of inches your layers sum up to. Besides more cushion, mattress pads also add a great layer of protection.


organic cotton duvet cover

When it comes to comforters, a thick blanket works great for the winter, but for the rest of the year, you may want to invest in something warm (or cool) and snug. When shopping for comforters, look for fill power numbers that show the quantity of down per ounce. A light fill power produces a thinner comforter, which is better suited to hot sleepers while a thicker fill power provides more warmth.

When shopping for bedding, pay close attention to the fabric construction, thread count and material. For the most luxurious feeling, it is recommended that you invest in organic cotton bedding in thread count between 300 to 400 with a single-ply single-pick sateen weave. The last thing to keep in mind is to protect your investment with a good quality, washable, organic cotton duvet cover that matches the theme of your bedroom décor.

Additional Tips

  • Invest in a bolster. Buy a bolster and push it against the headboard as it is. If you read in bed, this will fill in that terrible corner where the headboard meets the mattress.
  • Go for flat sheets instead of a fitted sheet. Fitted sheets are more excrescent and often don't fit properly. To avoid this problem, buy flat organic cotton bedding a size larger than your original mattress and tightly tuck it around the mattress.
  • Purchase non-slip casters and put them near the feet of your bed to prevent it from moving. You can then lean against the headboard and easily read without fearing that you will slip and slid all across the room.
  • To prevent the mattress from going out of shape, you need to flip and/or rotate it every 4 to 6 months. To help you remember, write down the names of three months on each corner of the bed.
  • Invest in a mattress protector, which is often organic cotton bedding that lies on top of the mattress and acts as a cover to provide protection. Some of these mattress protectors also offer protection to the person sleeping on the mattress from allergens, such as dust mites, dead skin and bed bugs.
  • Buy the correct sized comforter and insert it inside the organic cotton duvet. You can go for a duvet that is few inches larger, and the infill will mush in nicely.
  • You can hang fairy lights above the head of your bed to give it a more inviting feeling.
  • Throw in an extra fluffy bedside rug to treat your feet in the morning when you wake up.
  • Put up a lot of pillows. Besides spending on pillows that provide you with the highest level of comfort, you can also never go wrong with surrounding yourself with a number of pillows.
  • If you are more into the looks of your bed, consider investing in silk or linen sheets as they don’t wrinkle and always look enticing.
  • Add in a feather pillow-top on top of your mattress to add an extra layer of comfort and softness. Remember that the comfort level of your bed is directly related to the number of layers you add to it.
  • Throw in a plush toy or find a furry and snuggly pet to share your bed with
  • You can skip the top sheet and simply replace it with washable duvet cover on your comforter.
  • For extra warmth, add a couple of flannel sheets with a fluffy and soft texture.
  • Add a layer of quilt beneath your duvet or comforter to give your bed a boost of volume.
  • Sneak in a heated throw to stay warm when you borough in your bed.
  • A sheer canopy over your bed will immediately turn your resting place into a magical hideaway.

With a better looking and more comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of the day, getting a deep, restful good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a problem.


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