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Why Buy Premium

Do you remember the first time you got into bed in a five-star hotel? The sheets felt so nice against your skin and without even thinking about it you slipped into the most comfortable sleep. There’s no reason you can’t have the same luxurious experience at home. Like most people, when shopping for bedding we often pick whatever seems to be the best option at the local store. That’s the first mistake. Most local stores often stock cheaper, low-quality sheets. The premium sheets they offer are almost always marked up severely, due to numerous middlemen, brand value, and retail costs. Ordering your sheets directly from the producer allows you to gain the highest quality at a fraction of the price.


We’ve all been there. You buy a set of sheets, you think they look great, they’re affordable, and they’re really comfortable. But then you put them in the wash. They come out pilled and shrunk! It’s not uncommon to hear of sheet sets lasting less than a month before they’re thin and uncomfortable. 

We can look at the price-quality relationship of boots to see how buying premium can actually be beneficial in the long run. Cheap boots actually cost more than expensive boots in the long run, as they need to be replaced much more often. Buying $50 boots from a department store instead of $200 Timberlands might seem to make financial sense in the moment, but the differences in comfort, longevity, and durability makes the more expensive boots much more valuable in the long run.

Since you spend one third of your life lying on sheets, you should get the very best. Premium sheets outlast lower quality sheets and, instead of wearing out, become softer and more comfortable with use.


Premium sheets just don’t feel the same way cheaper brands do. The materials they are made from and the way they are constructed give premium sheets a distinctive texture. 

On warm summer days, one of the worst feelings is waking up covered in sweat because you accidentally fell asleep with a duvet. This is a problem that premium sheets handle well. They are made solely from cotton, which keeps your body cool and makes sure you don’t overheat. You won’t ever wake up clammy on cotton sheets, since the fiber wicks moisture away from your skin. Cotton sheets are incredibly versatile and are great in any climate. They lock in heat in the winter months and keep your body cool in the summer.

Another important determining factor in the texture of sheets is the type of weave used. The two most popular weaves are sateen and percale. Percale is crisper and lighter, but wrinkles more easily. Sateen is smoother, with a lush feel that is more comforting.


Imagine you are trying to buy some wine for a casual dinner with your friends, but you are not sure what wine to buy. Do you take the cheap $5 bottle, the slightly more expensive $30 bottle, or do you treat yourself and buy one of those $100 bottles?

Generally speaking, the jump in quality from a $5 to $30 bottle is quite large. Where the $5 bottle might make you want to use it as cooking wine, the $30 bottle is one you definitely enjoy. But the jump in taste from the $30 bottle to the $100 bottle isn't as large. Now, I am not a wine connoisseur by any means, so my palette might be somewhat limited, but I don't see a large enough difference between how a $30 bottle and a $100 bottle of wine tastes to warrant such a large increase in price.

You can buy sheets for $50, $200, or even $1000 dollars. But after a point, you’re just paying for the brand - not for quality.


We know that a sound sleep has a positive impact on many aspects of your life. Research says a lack of sleep can cause weight gain, exhaustion, and even chronic pain! It can also be a leading factor behind obesity and heart attacks. According to Harvard’s Division of Sleep Medicine, your body manages and requires sleep in much the same way that it regulates the need for eating, drinking, and breathing. Given its importance, we should aim to optimize all facets of our sleeping space. Comfortable sheets that don’t leave you feeling clammy or irritated can help you achieve the ideal sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Your body will thank you for the increased comfort and productivity. Your wallet will thank you when you’re not repurchasing sheets next year. Take the plunge and invest in your sleep.